What's your exhale?

Feeling lifeyum at Verana Resort
Hi, I’m Lisa.
I know what it’s like to live in a situation where everyone is pulling at you. And how impossible it can feel — selfish, even — to get away for a yoga class…or a walk. Where sometimes the bathroom feels like the only retreat.

As a mom of six kiddos, I keep coming back to this question: Where is your exhale? How do you breathe through life? 

My current project is the communal exhale. It documents how we keep getting back to our center. So much is coming at us; we inhale criticism, grief, and anger. It’s easy to hold these emotions inside, making us feel heavy. It can weigh on you like 20 extra pounds. It becomes harder to be creative, loving, happy you.  

So, tell me: What’s your exhale? How do you release the junk? 


Lisa O’Brien is the most gracious and knowledgeable facilitator…perfection! Her leadership is art form. I have never experienced a facilitator who genuinely and authentically dedicated themselves to the message so profoundly but not having it be about her. She was humble and gracious beyond words. Truly magical!

I belong to an international Women’s Presidents Organization and attend many worldwide seminars;  Lisa’s weekend was the best and most powerful to date for me. It truly inspired my inner most feelings and desires instead of more of the same goal setting, strategic planning that we all seem to place so much focus and importance on.

Marri Aviza

Co-owner , Rumors Salon and Spa

The Afterglow.